Watch Social Audits in Action!

2008 MUHURI 3IBP’s documentary film, “It’s Our Money. Where’s It Gone?”, focuses on MUHURI (Muslims for Human Rights) and their work to involve communities directly in monitoring the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) in Mombasa, Kenya. See how MUHURI used social audits to involve communities in monitoring budgets and holding their government accountable for managing the public’s money and meeting the needs of the poor.

Budgeting for Human Rights: Using the Maximum of Available Resources

The Use of Maximum Available ResourcesWhat does using “the maximum of its available resources” mean for how governments should manage public resources? Article 2 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights addresses this issue but the implications for fiscal policy and budgeting have so far remained under explored. To close this gap, the International Budget Partnership and a handful of civil society groups have published a handbook on using budget analysis to hold governments to account for their ICESCR commitments. You can also read more about this topic on the Open Budgets Blog!

Public Participation Included in New IMF Fiscal Transparency Code!

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The International Monetary Fund (IMF) recently updated its Fiscal Transparency Code — a key international standard for the disclosure and management of government fiscal information. Over the past few years, IBP, along with other civil society organizations, have called for budget transparency standards like the IMF Code to be expanded to include requirements for public participation in budgeting. In supporting and applauding the IMF’s revision of its Fiscal Transparency Code to include public participation in budget deliberations, IBP Director Warren Krafchik said: “We think this is a crucial step that can encourage governments to create more responsive and accountable budget systems in which citizens can voice their expectations and concerns about budget plans and implementation.”

Read more about this and other changes to the Code and read the new Fiscal Transparency Code in its entirety.

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