January Update on the OBS Tracker Available!

Tracker 3The Open Budget Survey Tracker (OBS Tracker, www.obstracker.org) monitors whether the central governments of 30 countries are publishing each of the eight key budget documents on time as per international standards. Check out the latest data updates, predictions on the month ahead, which countries are making progress, and more from the Tracker!

And don’t forget that you can use the Tracker in Arabic, French, Russian, and Spanish!

How Can We Make Citizens’ Voices Heard?

Peru PBBe sure to check out the Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency’s (GIFT) public participation primer! The primer is designed as an entry point for public authorities, civil society organizations, and citizens who are seeking additional information about why and how public participation can be incorporated into national-level fiscal and budgetary policy cycles.

Budgets and Development

Check out this documentary video from our Nigerian partner Centre for Social Justice about why the government’s budget is a crucial part of development, alleviating poverty, and peoples’ everyday lives. You can also watch Part 2 and Part 3 in this series.

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