Open Budget Survey 2015

The Open Budget Survey’s assessment of budget transparency, participation, and formal oversight finds that 98 of the 102 countries surveyed lack adequate systems for ensuring that public funds are used efficiently and effectively. Read more >>

Open Budgets for the Sustainable Development Goals

Budget transparency and participation are key to ensure that governments plan and spend effectively to meet the SDGs and that all stakeholders have the means to influence, monitor, and learn from the process. This blog post explains why such financial accountability is crucial what governments and the United Nations can do.

Open Budget Survey 2015 Global Launch Event

Thanks to the World Bank and Oxfam America for co-hosting the global launch of the Open Budget Survey 2015. For those who were not able to attend in person or online, we have compiled a recap of the speakers’ comments as well as questions from the moderator and the audience. We will also post a video recording of the event here once it is available.