Tune in Tuesday for our Video on the Power of Open Budgets!

Tanzania classroomHow can open budgets transform lives? Find out Tuesday, 28 April when we release our new video! Through the stories of three of our partners you’ll see the changes that can occur when citizens, civil society, and the media hold governments accountable for how they spend public money.

Largest Number of Citizen Submissions on a Draft Budget Ever!

On 23 April 60 residents from the Cape Town settlement of Khayelitsha in South Africa, along with the Social Justice Coalition (SJC) and Ndifuna Ukwazi (NU), delivered a historic 600 submissions to the City of Cape Town calling for improved sanitation services in informal settlements by way of increased allocations for the provision and maintenance of full flush toilets.

Learn more about the citizen submissions and SJC’s social audits.

Participation for All

Trianing of ASHA`sOur latest brief, “Participation in Public Finance Reform and Gender,” seeks to assist in diagnosing some of the gender issues related to existing or planned public finance management reform programs.