February Update on the OBS Tracker Available!

moneyThe Open Budget Survey Tracker (OBS Tracker, www.obstracker.org) monitors whether the central governments of 30 countries are publishing each of the eight key budget documents on time as per international standards. Check out the latest data updates, predictions on the month ahead, which countries are making progress, and more from the Tracker!

Also check out the newest Tracker feature: the historical information section which allows you to track changes in the availability of budget documents over time.

How Do We Create Good Budget Stories?

Source: Flickr/ World Bank Photo Collection

Source: Flickr/ World Bank Photo Collection

Join us on 9 April 2015 10:00 am – 11:00 am (EST) for the webinar “Public Finance in the Media: What Makes a Good Budget Story? as we discuss what turns complex, technical information into compelling stories that capture the public’s imagination. Sign up to participate online!

Presenting Budget Info Just Got Easier!

mexico_ckan_openspendingThe software suite that powers open data portals such as data.gov and data.gov.uk has recently been upgraded, making the presentation of public finance easier! One of the new features allows the software to automatically produce standardized budget resources making integration into other systems much easier. Find out how else this software can help make accessible and understandable budget visualizations!

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