Latest Updates on the OBS Tracker Available!

Tracker 3The Open Budget Survey Tracker (OBS Tracker, monitors whether the central governments of 30 countries are publishing each of the eight key budget documents on time as per international standards. Check out the latest data updates, highlights, predictions on the month ahead, and more from the Tracker!

“A Measure of Fairness” in Action!

IBP Kenya has released the short film, “A Measure of Fairness,” on how Kenyan counties can share resources fairly. Part of the campaign to open up and generate interest in the process of revising the first formula for revenue sharing, the film explores this issue through discussions and exercises filmed during meetings throughout Kenya where participants were tasked with determining how they would share resources among three counties.


CSOs Respond to Draft Framework for Improving Government PFM

Budget 2010-2011IBP, Publish What You Fund, and 46 civil society organizations have submitted a response to the Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) program’s recently published consultative draft of the revised PEFA framework. The framework provides practical recommendations on how governments can improve all aspects of public financial management. The response offers four recommendations for strengthening the consultative draft in the areas of fiscal transparency, public access to information, the need for public engagement in budgeting, and donor practices.