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How we will promote aid and budget transparency in Busan

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prepared by Paolo de Renzio, Senior Research Fellow at the International Budget Partnership Open Budget Surveys have repeatedly found that countries that are heavily dependent on foreign aid to finance their budgets tend to have less transparent budget processes, . This might be due to various country characteristics, such as low incomes or weak democratic institutions. […]

Health aid fighting wars, not AIDS?

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It is every donor’s nightmare that recipient governments end up spending aid on things that it was not intended for. The fashionable budget support approach gives up on this nightmare by leaving allocative decisions to recipients and rather concentrating on  strengthening the country institutions that make these decisions. But this does not mean that donors […]

Paying for Climate Change: “How” Is as Important as “How Much”

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This post was prepared by Athena Ballesteros of the World Resources Institute,and Vivek Ramkumar  of the International Budget Partnership. Adaptation, mitigation, conservation, new technologies—when it comes to addressing the impacts of climate change and moving to a low-carbon economy, the costs will be shared and significant. As 190 countries met in Copenhagen over the last […]


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This blog post is a shortened  version of a Brief prepared for the IBP by Ruth Carlitz Although the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have come under fire for being overly ambitious or unfair, they have mobilized resources and helped to build political will to improve the education sector in countries around the world. Now, more […]

How can foreign aid donors help, not hinder, transparent budgeting?

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This post was prepared by Porter McConnell of OxfamAmerica. Development aid, used in smart ways, can save lives and help people get themselves out of poverty.  But sixty years of foreign aid have shown that donors cannot fix the problems of poor people by themselves.  Poor people themselves are demanding accountability and performance from their […]

What next for Aid? Double or nothing or new conditionalities?

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The International Aid debate has been raging between people like Jeffrey Sachs, William Easterly and more recently Dambisa Moyo, who take extreme positions for phasing out Aid or massively increasing Aid. As Kaufmannn summarises in a recent blog: “Aid is dead:  it is worse than merely useless, since it abets and perpetuates mis-governance and dependency […]

No Aid Effectiveness in Afghanistan

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The current debate on aid effectiveness makes one think that donors are prioritizing the quality of spending. However, a recent report by ACBAR (Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief) lists many examples of where billions of dollars promised for the reconstruction of Afghanistan has been wasted, ineffective or not transferred at all. Aid constitutes around 90% […]


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