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State Capitalism makes government budgets less transparent

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Last week’s Economist tries to take down ‘state capitalism’, which it describes as an economic growth model where enterprises are ‘backed by the state but behaving like a private-sector multinational.’ This ‘backing’ takes many forms, from state-owned enterprises to significant government share-holding in private firms, to aggressive industrial policy measures such as tax breaks and […]

How can foreign aid donors help, not hinder, transparent budgeting?

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This post was prepared by Porter McConnell of OxfamAmerica. Development aid, used in smart ways, can save lives and help people get themselves out of poverty.  But sixty years of foreign aid have shown that donors cannot fix the problems of poor people by themselves.  Poor people themselves are demanding accountability and performance from their […]

What next for Aid? Double or nothing or new conditionalities?

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The International Aid debate has been raging between people like Jeffrey Sachs, William Easterly and more recently Dambisa Moyo, who take extreme positions for phasing out Aid or massively increasing Aid. As Kaufmannn summarises in a recent blog: “Aid is dead:  it is worse than merely useless, since it abets and perpetuates mis-governance and dependency […]

Getting Collier's Bottom Billion to the Top

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The latest issue of the Institute of Development Studies’ publication, In Focus, explores the strengths and weaknesses of the policies advocated in Paul Collier’s book ‘The Bottom Billion’. The 13 four-page policy briefs discuss the key issues raised by Collier, including aid, trade, military intervention and international conventions. Read them here.The briefs were written by a […]


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