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Raising The Stakes: The Impact of HakiElimu’s Advocacy Work on Education Policy and Budget in Tanzania

August 2013

This case study examines the issues, campaign, and impact of HakiElimu’s work in Tanzania to target meaningful policy decisions that lead to higher quality schooling.

When Opportunity Beckons: The Impact of the Public Service Accountability Monitor’s Work on Improving Health Budgets in South Africa

August 2013

This case study illustrates how a South African civil society organization has used its budgetary analysis to advocate for improvements in health service delivery.

The Art of Getting in the Way: Five Years of the BNDES Platform

August 2013

When a coalition of civil society organizations began to pry into the finances of Brazil’s powerful national development bank, it challenged the status quo and advanced the call for a more transparent, balanced, and democratic economic policy.

Health, Citizenship, and Human Rights Advocacy Initiative: Improving Access to Health Services in Mexico

August 2013

When it comes to health care in Mexico, “universal” has never meant equal, particularly when it came to the access to adequate care for the country’s 52 million uninsured. Civil society organization Fundar — a research organization with a background in budgetary analysis — developed a successful advocacy strategy on health policy to change this.

Foreign Assistance and Fiscal Transparency: The Impact of the Open Budget Initiative on Donor Policies and Practices

March 2013

Linnea Mills

This paper presents research that sought to document how, when, and why three donor agencies have adopted the Open Budget Index.

The Impact of the International Budget Partnership’s Open Budget Survey and its Partner Institutions’ Advocacy on Budget Transparency in Honduras

February 2013

This case study looks at how the preparation and publication of the Open Budget Survey 2010 in Honduras increased awareness of Honduras’ budget transparency problems.

Budget Transparency in Afghanistan: A Pathway to Building Public Trust in the State

February 2013

This case study discusses major improvements in government budget transparency and public engagement in Afghanistan, presenting an analysis of the roles of the following actors in the trend toward more open budgeting: 1) the International Budget Partnership, foreign donors, civil society organizations, and the media; 2) the government; and 3) the legislature. This paper argues that by increasing its OBI score from 8 in 2008 to 21 in 2010, Afghanistan has made important progress, though it still remains below average.

The Impact of the Open Budget Initiative Secretariat and its Partners on Budget Transparency in the Democratic Republic of Congo

February 2013

This case study analyzes the role of civil society in the reform of public finances, budget transparency, and public participation in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). With pressure from IBP’s partner, the Réseau Gouvernance Economique et Démocratie (REGED), the government of DRC took several new steps to improve government transparency.

Social Justice Coalition Pushes for Access to Sanitation in Informal Settlements in South Africa

November 2012

Formed in 2008, the Social Justice Coalition (SJC) is a coalition of civil society organizations in the informal settlement of Khayelitsha in Cape Town, South Africa. This case study examines the Clean and Safe Sanitation Campaign, which was aimed to ensure that the City Council properly maintained existing toilets and also provided additional clean and safe sanitation facilities in informal settlements.

This case study was updated in 2013.

South African Legal Resources Centre Successfully Advocates for Adequate Education Facilities

November 2012

The Legal Resources Centre (LRC) is a South African nonprofit human rights organization that conducts public interest litigation. This case study looks at the LRC’s legal campaign to force the South African government to provide adequate school facilities.

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