Network and Outreach

The ultimate goals of IBP’s work are to improve the quality of governance around the world and reduce poverty. Achieving these will take time, but in the next 10 years the IBP will work toward the following intermediate goals:

  • Improvements in the quality of government budget institutions
  • More progressive budget policies and inclusive budget processes
  • Larger allocations for critical social programs
  • More effective and efficient use of scarce budgetary resources
  • Greater budget transparency

These will require us to focus on programs and activities that will result in:

  • highly skilled, sustainable civil society budget organizations;
  • expanded, vibrant and cohesive multi-stakeholder national and regional networks that promote budget transparency and accountability;
  • growing evidence base to demonstrate the value of inclusive and transparent public finance management;
  • an international community that is more supportive of budget transparency and accountability; and
  • adoption of a set of norms on budget transparency and participation.

Because these goals and outcomes will be achieved through a dynamic process that has its most direct impacts at the national level but is increasingly affected by decisions made and standards set at the international level, the IBP must create opportunities for its partners and allies to:

  • learn from one another;
  • collaborate on research and advocacy at the national, regional, and international levels;
  • access, or provide support for, sustainable civil society budget work;
  • stay informed;
  • influence the environment for civil society budget work.

The IBP does this in large part through its work to establish and support an international network and its communications activities.

Budget Work Around the World

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