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2009 Changes in the Open Budget Survey Methodology and Revisions to OBI & Datasets

Based on inputs received from researchers and extensive in-house reviews, the International Budget Partnership (IBP) has made three changes in the methodology applied to its Open Budget Survey, which is the basis for the Open Budget Index (OBI). The first change concerns the timing of the release of the eight key budget documents assessed by the Survey. The second change is the inclusion of the enacted budget in calculating country scores for the OBI. The third change is based on comments received from experts from Brazil and Nigeria that resulted in revisions to the answers of a few questions used to assess these countries.

2008 Excel Database of Answers to Open Budget Questionnaire 2008 (Revised)

2006 Answers to the Open Budget Questionnaire 2006: Countries by Question

Excel Database of Answers to the Open Budget Questionnaire 2006 (Revised)


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How does budget transparency affect people’s lives

Social Audits in Kenya: Budget Transparency and Accountability The activities of Muslims for Human Rights (MUHURI), a civil society organization (CSO) based in Mombasa, Kenya, demonstrate the significant role budget transparency plays in improving accountability. Read more >>

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