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Welcome to the International Budget Partnerships website. The site aims to be the most comprehensive source for information on civil society budget analysis and advocacy and the importance of transparent, participatory, and accountable government budgeting, and we hope that the structure helps you get to the information that you need quickly and easily.

Under Who We Are, you will find information about the mission, structure, history, and goals of the IBP, and What We Do provides access to pages dedicated to our programs, the Open Budget Initiative, the Learning Program, the Training program, International Advocacy, the Middle East North Africa (MENA) project, and our work related to Communications and Network building. You will find practical information on government budgets and how to influence them along with tools and resources related to budget work in the sections titled Getting StartedBudget Analysis, and Budget Advocacy. To learn about what is happening in countries around the world, including details about civil society organizations engaged in budget analysis and advocacy, go to Who Does Budget Work. Finally, to access our online clearinghouse of publications, resources, and links to relevant websites, go to the Library.

Where to Find Information

You may use the website search engine to look for information and resources, as well as the search tools for the Library. If you have exhausted these options and have not found what you are looking for, please contact us at info@internationalbudget.org.


We have embedded information about the civil society organizations engaged in budget analysis and advocacy within Country pages. These pages provide access to the groups working in a particular country, the country’s performance on the Open Budget Survey, and links to all of the resources we have available on that country. You can access these pages from any page on the website by clicking on the map icon titled Budget Work around the World.

In the Multimedia Center we offer access to downloadable audio and video files related to civil society budget analysis and advocacy and our work to promote public finance systems that are transparent, responsive, and accountable. We would like to post audio and video files that our partner organizations create in this section, so if you have something that you would like us to consider posting, please email us at info@internationalbudget.org.

We Want Your Feedback and Ideas

As you know, websites are living beings, so the content on the IBP website will continue to be refined and grow. Please let us know what you think about the structure – good and bad. Also, we welcome your suggestions for new content that might be useful to you and others in their work on improving government budgeting and strengthening and broadening civil societys influence on budget policies, practices, and outcomes. Send your feedback to info@internationalbudget.org.


Budget Work Around the World

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