International Budget Partnership

We partner globally with budget analysts, community organizers, and advocates working across the world to advance public budget systems that work for people. 


Countries assessed through independent, actionable data measuring transparency, oversight and public participation in public spending

Million people accessing new or improved services thanks to strategic budget advocacy

Million US dollars increased budget allocations across 7 countries

Annual Report

Every Voice Counts showcases the remarkable resilience of our partners who worked hand in hand with us to adapt to crisis and leverage budgets to influence relief efforts.

Managing COVID Funds

Our global accountability scorecard measured how well 120 countries performed in the management of pandemic spending.


This initiative is giving voice to informal settlement residents in South Africa’s major cities by giving them the tools to track and share with officials whether they have access to water, clean toilets and waste removal.

We pushed until we got what we needed to get a full picture of what had been allocated and what was being spent—information the OBI told us how to find… we put all this data together and brought the trade unions to the table with the government. The Monday after our meeting, the teachers and kids were back in school.

I became involved with budgets and advocacy… because there was very little participation by women who dared to speak up with their opinions. The discussions were dominated by men at the time.



The Government’s Guide to Budget Reports

This guide provides guidance to governments on how to produce 8 key reports they should make available throughout the budget process.

The Civil Society Guide to Budget Reports

This guide provides guidance to civil society organizations on how to use the 8 key budget reports that their government should make available throughout the budget process.

A Taxing Journey

This paper shares lessons from 7 case studies of civil society engagement in tax reform.

Guide to budget work for NGOS

This guide offers a comprehensive description of the basic principles of applied budget work, resources and best practices for groups and individuals who are new to budget work.

Guide to tax work for NGOs

This guide demystifies revenue policy issues and gives civil society groups the tools they need to influence revenue policy.

Our Money, Our Responsibility

This guide offers an overview of government budget implementation processes and tools for civil society organizations interested in monitoring government expenditures.