Budget Reform in 5 Tweets

Paolo de Renzio and Ed Hedger wrote an excellent paper on the state of budget reform (Click here to read).
Earlier today we did some violence to their excellent work by summarizing it into 5 Budget Reform Tweets:
Budget Reform Tweet 1: Countries with high economic growth rates, political stability & that depend on taxes not resources are best at budget reform
Budget Reform Tweet 2: Most countries are better at formulating good budgets than at implementing them.
Budget Reform Tweet 3: Improvements to practice lag behind the crea tion of processes and laws.
Budget Reform Tweet 4: Budget reforms work better if they are part of a broad reform program.
Budget Reform Tweet 5: You can’t impose it – if politicians & senior bureaucrats don’t want it, it wont happen.
Come to think of it, you’d better read de Renzio and Hedger’s paper. But do you follow OBB on Twitter yet?
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