Access to Information for Budget Work

What is this module about?

This workshop offers examples on access to information best practices, outlines the contents of the basic key budget documents, and shows how to track a specific development problem by looking at the information contained in the budget documents available at each stage of the budget process.

What does this page contain?

Here you will find presentations, videos, guides, and exercises that can help you guide your workshop participants to think about the importance of access to information in budget work. You can also review recent access to information and budget transparency trends by region, according to IBP’s Open Budget Survey 2015.

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Module: Access to Information for Budget Work

By the end of this module, participants will be able to:

  1. Explain why access to information matters in budget work.
  2. List criteria of sound access to information laws and transparency portals.
  3. Discuss the challenges to accessing information and how they can be overcome
  4. Describe the content of the eight key budget documents.
  5. Explain how the information in key budget documents can be applied in advocacy and/or research activities.
  6. Review if and how different governments publish key budget documents.


Materials for Facilitators

Materials for Participants