Civil Society Budget Work: Using Budgets to Achieve Impact

What is this module about?

This workshop outlines the challenges and opportunities faced by civil society organizations (CSOs) when doing advocacy and highlights the value of using budget analysis findings in combination with other advocacy strategies (coalitions, citizen mobilization, engaging the executive, strategic litigation, media, access to information, working with oversight institutions, high level working groups) to enhance the desired impact of the organization.

What does this page contain?

Here you will find case studies, presentations, and exercises that can help facilitators plan sessions about various budget analysis and advocacy tools and methodologies used by CSOs around the world to achieve changes in budget policies, processes, institutions, and systems. Facilitators can select and combine tasks to engage participants in discussions about advocacy and impact.

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Module: Civil Society Budget Work: Using Budgets to Achieve Impact

By the end of this module, participants will be able to:

  1. explain the role and importance of budget-based evidence in an advocacy strategy;
  2. identify different advocacy tactics used by CSOs;
  3. discuss the challenges in an advocacy strategy and how to overcome them;
  4. analyze the advocacy strategies of other CSOs;
  5. consider how to apply lessons from other CSOs’ advocacy work to their own contexts; and
  6. examine the possible links between a development issue and the budget.
Materials for Facilitators

Materials for Participants