Webinar Spot

IBP’s Webinar Series provides a space for live discussions on a wide range of current topics related to public budgets, as well as related issues of transparency, accountability, and participation. The webinars will complement and highlight content from the IBP e-Newsletter, IBP publications, the Open Budgets Blog, and much more. The webinars promote horizontal learning among peers and strengthen the community of researchers and activists dedicated to analyzing, monitoring, and conducting advocacy around public budgets.

Recorded Webinars

Social Audits Webinar Series: Learning From Civil Society in India and South Africa
In this two-part series, experts from Support for Advocacy and Training to Health Initiatives (SATHI), India and the Social Justice Coalition in South Africa will discuss:

  • How the findings of social audits can lead to impact;
  • The key ingredients to implement a successful social audit; and
  • The tactics and actions that can strengthen your social audit findings.

Public Finance in the Media: What Makes a Good Budget Story?
This webinar explored how to turn complex, technical information into compelling stories that capture the public’s imagination.

Article 2 and Governments’ Budgets Series
Article 2 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) sets out what governments are obligated to do to help realize people’s human rights. Developed by the Article 2 Project, the Article 2 and Governments’ Budgets handbook focuses on civil society budget work, explores what “achieving progressively,” “to the maximum of its available resources,” and “without discrimination” mean for the way that governments should raise, allocate, and spend their budgets so as to best realize people’s human rights. As a complement to the handbook, IBP held a series of webinars on these issues: “Progressive Realization,” “Non Discrimination,” and “Maximum Available Resources.”

How to Adjust Your Advocacy Strategy
This webinar examined the key steps and considerations in planning and implementing an effective advocacy strategy.

Cálculos Presupuestarios
This webinar, conducted in Spanish, focused on how to do calculations that are relevant to obtain specific budget evidence for use in advocacy strategies.