Public Finance in the Media: What Makes a Good Budget Story?

Source: Flickr/ World Bank Photo Collection

The “Public Finance in the Media: What Makes a Good Story?” webinar was held on 9 April 2015. The webinar examined how civil society organizations and think tanks all around the world are producing expert analysis of government budgets, campaigning on issues related to public finance and service delivery, and calling out governments for their management of public money. Such work is deeply relevant to the lives of everyday citizens and can be the impetus for hard-hitting stories in the media. Aimed at both civil society practitioners and journalists, the discussion explored what makes a good budget story.


  • Open Society Foundation’s Brett Davidson, a former journalist and an expert in helping civil society to engage with media, will present on how to bring budget stories to life. Davidson will look at how to frame budget stories, what language works, and how to present budget information to make an impact.
  • Guillermo Noriega, Director of Sonora Ciudadana AC, has a wealth of experience in bringing public finance stories to the attention of the wider public in Mexico. Noriega will react to Davidson’s presentation, drawing on examples from his work to illustrate how and why particular budget stories have captured the public’s imagination.