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From Crisis To Opportunity: Open Budget Survey

Apr 30, 2020
Virtual Event
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A wide array of voices from around the world, including representatives from civil society, national governments and development partners discuss the effective use of public money and the release of the 2019 Open Budget Survey (OBS). They cover not only the latest findings from the OBS, but the relevance to the current situation with coronavirus, the connection to building healthy and resilient societies and the growing movement signing on in support of the open budget agenda.

The survey’s international measure of open, responsive and accountable budgeting has never been more relevant as we face a global pandemic that threatens people and economies. Government responses require accountability and oversight now more than ever.

The open budget agenda calls for transparency, participation and oversight in the budget process, based on a recognition that open budgets can provide a boost for more inclusive decision-making and more equitable economic development. The OBS is the only independent, comparative measure of open budgets, nearly two years in the making and covering 117 countries, more than 90% of the world’s population. The latest OBS tells a story of laggards and leaders, with some surprising stories of success and a promising path for others to follow.

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