IBP cultivates next generation through its Leadership Development Initiative

Group photo of Leadership Development Initiative cohort

LDI participants

To enhance the vitality and resilience of organizations focusing on fiscal transparency and accountability, IBP launched an 18-month pilot initiative that aims to build leadership skills in the field. We’ve found that even the
strongest organizations need support to strengthen their leadership capacities. Through this initiative, IBP hopes to nurture broader collective leadership in key budget organizations, leading to greater organizational resilience
and sustainability. For the pilot, 12 future leaders were selected from budget-focused civil society organizations engaged in our Learning Network.

In 2018, IBP partnered with the Thunderbird School of Global Management (USA) to develop the curriculum for the program, covering topics such as leadership styles, strategy development, organizational culture, and
relationship management, along with budget-specific skills. IBP also initiated the selection of 12 representatives of civil society organizations to participate, who attended the first, weeklong workshop in April 2019. The second session was held in Rio de Janeiro in January 2020.

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