Credit: Flickr/DFID
Photo credit: Flickr/DFID

We work in partnership with local civil society organizations (CSOs) in India to improve the management of public money, the delivery of public services, and how responsive the government is to the needs of poor people. Along with work at the national level, we focus on the states of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.

We recognize that local citizens and CSOs are uniquely well placed to understand budget and service delivery issues and drive positive change. Doing so largely depends on the availability of budget information, the opportunity to participate in budget decisions, and the capacity of CSOs to do budget work.

Together with our partners, we aim to play a catalytic role in improving how public money is used to deliver services and transform lives.

Our Aims

  • Better budgets: We work with our partners to improve how public finances are managed at the national, state, and local level.
  • Better services: We work with our partners to improve the delivery of public health, education, and employment services.
  • Better governance: We work with our partners to improve the accountability and oversight of public finance and service delivery.