Strengthening Public Accountability

Our Strengthening Public Accountability for Results and Knowledge (SPARK) program flips traditional public finance management work on its head by putting underserved communities at the center of budget advocacy.

Tax Equity

Our tax equity initiative focuses on helping civil society build ties with diverse actors to influence domestic tax reform, so that the revenue reaped benefits the many rather than favoring a few.
Marr Nyang, co-founder of the Follow the Money Initiative and Gambia Participates holds up the 2017-2018 report on promoting open government and reducing corruption through the empowerment of communities. Photo by Gambia Participates.

Collaborating for Open Budgets

The initiative strengthens the capability of civil society groups to actively engage in budget processes and advocate for more transparent, inclusive and accountable public budgeting.
Nilawati, a fisherwoman and member of The Indonesian Traditional Fishers' Union (KNTI), advocates for small fisherfolk to get their fair share of fuel subsidies from the government.

Budget Credibility

Our Budget Credibility initiative delves into government spending to see where it deviates from the approved budget and investigates why these deviations occur.

Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency

The Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency (GIFT) is a global network that facilitates dialogue between governments, civil society organizations, and international financial institutions.
Public audit in Kenya led by Muslims for Human Rights (MUHURI)

Audit Accountability

Through this initiative, we document and share best practices on how national audit offices can collaborate with civil society to ensure audit findings have follow-through so that public money reaches those who need it most.
Poor and marginalized people, especially women, are most at risk from climate hazards. Given the role of public budgets in climate financing, we are working to ensure governments comply with international standards for transparency and accountability when dispensing billions in climate funds.

Climate Finance

Our efforts have focused on bolstering engagement between civil society, government and oversight actors on accountable use of climate-related financial resources.