Multi-Year Expenditure Programming Approaches

By Salvatore Schiavo-Campo and Daniel Tommasi, Apr 24, 1999

This chapter reviews the relevance of multi-year budgeting and expenditure programming instruments for developing and transitional economies.


By Salvatore Schiavo-Campo and Daniel Tommasi, Apr 22, 1999

Reporting is a crucial part of planning and policy formulation, and it is also important for transparency. This publication gives an overview of reporting, including its objectives and basic principles.

The Budget and its Coverage

By Salvatore Schiavo-Campo and Daniel Tommasi, Apr 22, 1999

A chapter of the ADB report on Public Expenditure Management (PEM) on the need for a comprehensive budget coverage.

Management Controls, Audit, and Evaluation

By Harry Havens, Apr 22, 1999

This chapter of the Asian Development Bank report on Public Expenditure Management (PEM) relates to the processes and mechanisms that are necessary for transparency and the efficient use of resources.

Welfare Policy and Social Transfers in Croatia

Mar 24, 1999

The paper reviews the range of social policies that have been adopted by the government of Croatia since independence together with those that have been retained from the socialist past, and discusses the possibility for improvement. The paper concentrates on issues of social security and employment.

The Role of Parliament in the Budget Process

By Warren Krafchik and Joachim Wehner , Jan 25, 1999

Why are some parliamentary systems able to affect greater changes in the budget than others? This article investigates the role of parliamentary amendment powers in the budget process from a comparative perspective. Its primary purpose was to contribute towards the South African policy-making process.