Links Roundup: Research, Publications, and Country Budget Developments

Ahead of the 4 July holiday in the States, we’ve compiled a list of publications, articles, and other interesting links to keep you up-to-date on recent happenings related to budget work, participatory budgeting initiatives, budget websites, and much more. Enjoy!

Research and publications

ODDC Dissemination of the Uganda/Kenya Case Study: Highlights (Development Initiatives)

  • This post reviews the findings of a study “How open data could contribute to poverty eradication in Kenya and Uganda through its impacts on resource allocation.”

Book Review: Public Financial Management and Its Emerging Architecture (IMF PFM Blog)

  • A fresh look at the book PFM and Its Emerging Architecture which was published last year and edited by Marco Cangiano.

A Needless Journey (The Politics of Poverty, Oxfam America)

  • In this video interview, Semkae Kilonzo of Policy Forum Tanzania talks about the importance of budget transparency and civil participation as a tool for breaking through barriers and bottlenecks in government.

Tech Projects for Transparency – A New Guide to the “Fundamentals” That Deliver Impact and Save Money (Transparency & Accountability Initiative)

  • TAI has released a new guide called “Fundamentals for Using Technology in Transparency and Accountability Organisations” which deals with everything from defining a strategy to monitoring outcomes of technology projects.
  • The guide is available to view on TAI’s website or to download as a PDF.

Country news

 China’s Audit Office Plays Powerful but Silent Role in Anticorruption Crackdown

  • China’s National Audit Office (NAO) is contributing to the country’s battle against corruption. Last year, audit offices across the country scrutinized more than 150,000 companies and government departments. The NAO’s efficiency is partially due to the fact that it keeps its inner workings confidential.

 What Happens When Silicon Valley Experiments With Direct Democracy

  • This post talks about adding new digital technologies to participatory budgeting in the San Francisco area.

 New Budgetary Website Makes Dutch Aid More Transparent (Development Initiatives)

  • The Dutch Minister for international trade and development cooperation has launched a budgetary website which provides full access to the ministry’s overall budget, with estimated and actual expenditures which are cross-referenced with their individual activities, driven from live IATI data.

Mozambique: Budget Support in Decline (All Africa)

  • Donors have sharply cut the support they give to the Mozambican state budget.

World Bank Endorses New Country Partnership Strategy for Philippines (Manilla Bulletin)

  • The World Bank’s new country partnership strategy (CPS) will support the Philippines’ goal of promoting growth that reduces poverty and creates more and better jobs. The CPS will guide the World Bank’s engagement in the Philippines from 2015 until 2018.

 Budget Transparency in Uganda to be Achieved through ICT? (New Vision, Uganda)

  • Uganda’s Minister of Finance mentioned a number of new systems — including an SMS system, hotline, and website for the public to participate in budget decisions and monitoring — to enhance budget transparency and accountability.
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