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We work hand-in-hand with partners globally to build a movement of people who use budgets to drive change.
Janet Atimoliga, a rice farmer, fierce activist for the female farming community and chair of the Women in Agriculture Platform is assisted by women from her local farmer group, Korania Wedamdaga Women's Cooperative, to transplant and apply fertilizer to rice seedlings on her portion of farmland in Navrongo, Upper East-Ghana.
Our Network Potential
countries in which we have partnerships
people from 24 countries participated in a foundational online curriculum in 2021
publications published on average annually


exchanges hosted in 2021 to share good practices among governments, civil society and international institutions  
Network Learning Opportunities
Nilawati a fisherwoman and member of KNTI, trains women in her fisherfolk community who are facing budget credibility issues in Indonesia.

Our network opens the door to collaboration and learning.

We collaborate with a global network of organizations, governments and international institutions working to make public budgets more inclusive. Check out our library of training materials, learning papers and research publications.

IBP was a real wealth of information for me and helped me wrap my head around the big picture of proper management of a country’s finances and the challenges citizens face.

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Attend an event or watch a recording of previous exchanges to gain insights from partners about their lessons learned and strategies to promote more inclusive and accountable public budget processes.
The power of open budgets in people’s hands

Network Members

Our vast global network includes budget groups, community advocates, government reformers, and international institutions committed to making budgets work for people.
UrbaSen FSH
Gambia Participates
Freedom Forum
Women from the small holder women farmers group SWOFON hold a meeting to discuss next steps in the advocacy for budget allocation and transparency.
Members of the fisherfolk group KNTI at a rally where government members and fisherfolk came together to discuss budget credibility issues facing fisherfolk.
Madeline, a member of the Federation of Associations of People with Disabilities (FSAPH) waits to discuss disability and inclusion issues with the leader of the local area in Senegal.