Country results

The Open Budget Survey (OBS) 2021 results include country-specific findings and recommendations on budget transparency, public participation, and oversight.

Select a country on the drop down menu or via the map below to view its assessment. PDF versions of the country summaries and completed survey questionnaires can be downloaded from the country page.

*Results from prior survey rounds - OBS 2019, OBS 2017, OBS 2015, OBS 2012, OBS 2010, OBS 2008, and OBS 2006 - can be accessed on a country page if the country was surveyed in that year.

Open Budget Survey 2021: budget transparency scores (Open Budget Index)
Extensive Information Available (81-100)
Substantial Information Available (61-80)
Limited Information Available (41-60)
Minimal Information Available (21-40)
Scant or No Information Available (0-20)
Not assessed in the survey