The Open Budget Survey seeks to help our civil society partners advocate for improvements in budget transparency, participation, and accountability. Finance ministries and development practitioners around the world also use the survey to identify baselines and trends in country practices and to implement reforms in line with identified gaps and recommendations. 

Explore additional resources and find guidance on progressing open budget reforms, for governments and for civil society.

IBP and its partners encourage governments to use the Open Budget Survey findings and recommendations to improve budget transparency, participation, and oversight. Country-specific recommendations are included in the 2019 country summaries.

We also welcome the opportunity to discuss the survey results and open budget reforms with interested governments. Contact: [email protected].

Improving Budget Transparency

Budget Transparency Guides: The Open Budget Survey assesses whether governments produce and publish comprehensive and timely information to the public in eight key budget documents as recommended by international good practice. These guides explain those reports and what information should be in them as well as other areas of public finance that are less well understood and especially vulnerable to efforts to shield them from public scrutiny.

Available in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese:

Citizens Budgets: Designed to present key public finance information to a general audience, Citizens Budgets are typically written in accessible language and incorporate visual elements to help non-specialist readers understand the information. Learn more about the importance of Citizens Budgets and how to produce them.

Improving Public Participation

The Global Initiative For Fiscal Transparency (GIFT): IBP, along with a wide range of actors and institutions, formed the GIFT to develop and establish international norms for budget transparency, accountability, and participation. Given the limited guidance on how public entities should engage directly with the public in managing public resources, GIFT embarked on a substantial multiyear work program to increase awareness of promising country practices and recent innovations in citizen engagement.

The Survey assesses public availability of budget information by considering the timely release and contents of eight key budget documents that all countries should issue at different points in the budget process, according to generally accepted good practice criteria for public financial management. We maintain copies of available documents from current and previous rounds of the survey by fiscal year in our Budget Document Library.