The Public Affairs Centre (PAC) began working in 1994 to realize its vision of improving the quality of public governance in India by creating vibrant, informed, and proactive citizen engagement with the state and its institutions. The PAC’s mission encompasses a multi pronged approach that synthesizes a range of strategies and interventions, the pivotal points of which are research, monitoring and evaluation of public services and programs, education, and capacity enhancement of both the state and civil society. As part of the Partnership Initiative, the PAC will incorporate public expenditure tracking surveys (PETS), which will be a new area of work for it, to their citizen and community report-card methodology in tracking maternal health service delivery at the Panchayat level. It will focus on Greater Bangalore, selecting five out of 20 maternity homes and carrying out community score cards with PETS. The PAC also will develop advocacy with three partner civil society organizations. After four to five months, they will repeat the study and measure any changes. The maternity homes are located in the slums. Read PAC’s Profile