The Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement (SVYM) is a development organization building a new civil society in India through its grassroots-to-policy-level action in health, education, and community development. Acting as a key promoter/facilitator in the community’s efforts toward self-reliance and empowerment, the SVYM strives to develop local, innovative, and cost effective solutions to sustain community-driven progress. The SVYM is based in Karnataka and began operations in 1984. The organization is mainly dedicated to providing charitable services among poor and marginalized sectors of the state, particularly in health care, education, and community development-related activities. The SVYM’s work with the Partnership Initiative will focus on tracking funds and service delivery of the National Rrural Health Mission in one district of Karnataka. It is interested in undertaking social audits and expenditure tracking but is still clarifying their objectives and their choice of methodology. Read SVYM’s Profile