Our People

Donny Setiawan

Senior Program Officer, Indonesia

Donny Setiawan, is the IBP’s Senior Program Officer for Indonesia. Prior to joining IBP in September 2019, he was the Executive Director/Secretary General of INISIATIF in 2009-2019. Under his leadership, INISIATIF grew up as one of the prestigious NGO who work on budget in Indonesia. He was actively engaged in many campaign activities on the issues of better public services, participatory planning and budgeting, budget transparency and accountability, freedom of information, and civic right. He also has many experiences in conducting research and advocacy on public policy and budget issues for various sectors (e.g., health, education, water and sanitation, natural resources, poverty, etc). He also has strong experiences working with local CSOs, national NGOs/CBOs, international NGOs, and government institutions.

His interest on social works began when he was a student at the Department of Architecture, Bandung Institute of Technology. At that time, he was co-founder of a student group that focus on participatory planning and urban poor issues. His journey in social works continued when he was joined the Indonesian Partnership on Local Governance Initiatives (a program funded by the Ford Foundation) in 1999 and joined INISIATIF in 2002.

Donny holds Master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning with thesis ‘The Influence of Land Access to the Welfare of Poor Farmers” at the School of Architecture, Planning, and Policy Development, Bandung Institute of Technology.