Our People

FaithAnn Mumbi Kinyanjui

Assistant Program Officer, IBP Kenya

FaithAnn Kinyanjui joined the International Budget Partnership Kenya (IBPK) in 2019. She joined as a Research Intern, after which she consulted for IBPK before transitioning to become an Assistant Program Officer in 2021. Since joining IBPK, FaithAnn has led and been part of IBPK’s research work around Budget Credibility. She has also supported the capacity building and strengthening work and the PMERL function. In her Capacity Building and Learning role, she now extensively supports the PMERL function at IBPK. FaithAnn envisions a world where public finance policies are easily understood by all, especially the vulnerable in society, to hold their governments accountable for service delivery. She is also keen on women’s engagement in Public Finance Management (PFM) decision-making spaces. FaithAnn holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Statistics from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), Nairobi.