Our People

Maleine Niang

Country Manager, Senegal

Maleine joined IBP in February 2019 to become the first Country Manager for Senegal. He has a broad background in public policy, with experience ranging from political affairs to economic development to academia where he has contributed to several research projects linked to democratic governance, public financial management and fiscal policy. Maleine has worked as a monitoring and evaluation specialist on a USAID program but also in projects targeting legislative assistance, reform processes (freedom of information act), transparency and accountability (budgets and extractive industries) at the national (Senegal) and regional levels (West Africa). He has engaged with Senegal’s Ministry of Finance on improving the country’s performance relative to the Open Budget Index. Immediately prior to joining IBP, Maleine managed the public finance program of the Senegalese NGO known as ONG-3D. He is also a PHD candidate working on tax expenditures.