Our People

Onyekachi Chukwu

Program Officer, Nigeria

Onyekachi is a recognized expert in various domains, including public finance management, citizen mobilization, and design research. Prior to joining IBP, he played a pivotal role in advocating for the adoption of the Open Contracting Data Standards (OCDS) in Nigeria’s public procurement processes at the federal level and he subsequently led the advocacy for its adoption in 10 subnational States. These Open Contracting portals have enhanced increased citizens access to government budget and contract information, enabling citizens make more informed decisions and hold their representatives accountable.

As a community engagement expert, Onyekachi has spearheaded community town halls across Africa, empowering youths to become community-based monitors, meticulously tracking budgets and contracts resulting in improved transparency and accountability at the local level. One of his notable contributions has been building the capacity of youth as community-based monitors by equipping them with the necessary skills to track and report on budgets and contracts in their communities. On a broader scale, Onyekachi has made significant impacts in collaboration with international organizations. He supported the World Bank’s SFTAS project by assisting states in Nigeria in meeting Disbursement Linked Indicators, leading to improved citizens budgeting and increased transparency and accountability in procurement processes through Open Contracting.

Additionally, his work with the UNDP on the Anti-Corruption Innovation Project (ACIP) has been instrumental in building the capacity of state and non-state actors, techpreneurs, and media professionals. They have been empowered to utilize open contracting portals for monitoring budgets and contracts and reporting infractions in Nigeria, contributing to anti-corruption efforts. Onyekachi also served as the Advocacy and Network Engagement Coordinator at the Africa Freedom of Information Centre (AFIC) in Uganda, contributing to several projects, spanning access to information, election transparency, freedom of expression, digital rights, data protection and safety for whistleblowers. On the academic front, Onyekachi holds a master’s degree in international relations, complemented by a master’s (in view) in project management from the University of Applied Sciences in Germany.