Our People

Rajan Zaveri

Storyteller | Senior Content Strategist

Rajan Zaveri joined the International Budget Partnership in June 2020 and is based in any location he can get an internet connection.

For the last decade, Rajan has worked internationally as a multimedia journalist, producer, and manager to project urgent human rights issues and breakthroughs into public conversation. He has produced interactive web documentaries, infographics, social media campaigns, websites, exhibitions, and an interactive learning database on international criminal law. Rajan has the capacity to bring high-impact stories to life using photography, videography, 360-degree interactives, and web design–from project design to planning, production, post-production, and digital or installation-based release.

Prior to joining IBP Rajan was the Co-founder of HELM Studio (Hands-on Education, Law and Media), where he worked with his other co-founders to partner with human rights visionaries, amplifying their work by using co-constructed design processes that brings together the expertise of human rights defenders, with in-house competencies in research, design, media, technology, law and human rights.