Dutch Postcode Lottery announces new €1 million grant to the International Budget Partnership

The Dutch Postcode Lottery recently announced that it has selected International Budget Partnership to receive a €1 million grant to support the deepening of our work with grassroots communities in Indonesia, Nigeria, Senegal and South Africa over the next three years.

The grant will be used to drive improvements in the use of public resources and the delivery of key services such as water, sanitation and primary healthcare in these countries.

“We are thrilled to receive this grant and see it as further proof that forging coalitions– grassroots organizations, budget analysts and government reformers– to improve how public resources are managed and how services are delivered is a model that works,” said IBP Executive Director Ana Patricia Muñoz. “This support will help us redouble our efforts to help communities ensure that public money is raised and spent more fairly and that public resource systems work for all.”

Since 2018, we have equipped grassroots communities with the skills to gain influence over budgets and proved that this bottom-up approach works. We can tangibly improve the lives of underserved communities and help these communities lead effective, powerful coalitions capable of shifting government incentives and service delivery practices. Over 9 million people now have access to better services, and we will continue to scale these impacts in the coming years.