Kenya: Analysis of the 2016/17 National Budget Estimates

June 2016 | by John Kinuthia and Jason Lakin, Ph.D. , IBP Kenya

Kenya’s 2016/17 national budget (the Budget Estimates) was tabled in the National Assembly just before the end of April 2016. It will now be reviewed by the Budget and Appropriations Committee and then by Parliament for amendment and approval before June 30. This analysis asks key questions about the budget that we believe should be of interest to both Parliament and the public:

  1. Does the overall budget and do the budgets for ministries, departments and agencies in the Budget Estimates match the ceilings set in the Budget Policy Statement (BPS)?
  2. Which programs and subprograms are receiving priority in the coming year and why?
  3. What are the targets for the year for various programs and how realistic and reasonable are these in light of past performance?
  4. Does the budget contain narrative information about how past challenges in budget implementation are being addressed through the coming year’s budget?




ibp kenya analysis of 2016 17 national budget estimates 6 2016.pdf

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