Assessment of Budget Transparency in Honduras

In early 2011 the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) approached the International Budget Partnership (IBP) and requested an update of the Open Budget Survey 2010 results for Honduras to assess recent changes in making budget documents available to the public. The IBP collaborated with the Fundación Democracia sin Frontreras (FDsF), one of its civil society partners in Honduras, to complete the assessment. This report documents changes in transparency throughout the budget process and comments on the extent to which the Honduran government has implemented reforms based on recommendations made in the Open Budget Survey 2010. Finally, the report offers additional recommendations on ways in which the Honduran government can sustain and expand the budget transparency reforms it has implemented.



Assessment of Budget Transparency in Honduras Sept 20111.pdf

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Assessment of BudgetTransparency in Honduras Sept 2011 Spanish.pdf

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