Croatia and the Institute for Public Finance: Budget work in a transitional democracy

This case study (available in English or in Spanish as a summary) focuses on the Institute for Public Finance (IPF) in Croatia. A nongovernmental organization based in Zagreb, Croatia, the IPF undertakes public finance research and analysis to improve national policymaking and the effectiveness and efficiency of public budgeting.



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Albert van Zyl

Country Manager, South Africa , International Budget Partnership

Albert van Zyl is the International Budget Partnership’s (IBP) South Africa Country Manager. van Zyl joined IBP in 2005 from South Africa where he established and managed the macroeconomic analysis and budget offices in the Western Cape Treasury. Before that he worked at the Budget Information Service (BIS) at the Institute for Democracy in South Africa (Idasa) and directed it from 2000-2002. Most recently he worked as IBP’s Director of Strategy and Learning. Van Zyl holds MA degrees in Politics, Philosophy, and Economy from the Universities of Stellenbosch and Bordeaux, France. He has been published on a range of public finance issues including CSO oversight of budgets, fiscal policy, social service finance, budget transparency, and subnational finance.

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