Dataset for global scan of civil society work on taxation

This dataset is a part of our new Tax Equity Initiative’s effort to map civil society engagement with issues of domestic taxation globally. This database was populated by conducting a broad global search for names of  civil society organizations working on domestic tax issues. We drew on not only our own network of civil society partners but also the networks of other international NGOs such as Oxfam, ActionAid International, ChristianAid and the Global Alliance for Tax Justice.

The result is a dataset of 171 organisations across 66 countries with information on what types of work they are engaged in, what types of tax issues they work on, if they are part of any international or regional networks and their main publications on tax from recent years (drawn mostly from publicly available information on websites).

This dataset also informs the findings of a paper, “Of citizens and taxes: A global scan of civil society work on taxation,” that aims to provide a detailed and in-depth overview of the field of civil society work on domestic taxation issues across the world –  a reflection on where the field is, where it has come from and its prospects for the future.

This dataset is by no means comprehensive or exhaustive. Consequently, if you are a representative or partner of a civil society organisation listed in this dataset and would like to correct or edit the entry for the organisation – you can do so with the form at the end of this page. Similarly, if you are a representative or a partner of a civil society organisation that works on tax that does not appear in our dataset, you can also use the form to add an entry to the dataset.


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