Case Study

Evidence for Change: The Case of Subsidios al Campo in Mexico

By Guillermo M. Cejudo (Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas).

This case study was updated in 2013. The full version and short summary are available in English.

The Subsidios al Campo campaign used Mexico’s freedom of information laws to obtain official data on the recipients of agricultural subsidies, and then published the data online. Its analysis brought a large amount of new information into the public domain, and managed to shift the debate about agricultural subsidies from a focus on their overall size to a discussion of how equitably they were being distributed, challenging a powerful agricultural industry in the process.

The full version (July 2012), short summary (July 2012), and one-page summary (July 2012) of this case study are available in English. The short summary version (July 2012) is also available in Spanish, French, and Arabic.


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