Guidelines for Capturing Social Audit Data

A key step in carrying out a social audit is the gathering of information from community members using a paper questionnaire. Once this process has been completed, all the data that has been collected using the questionnaires must be recorded or captured in one place. Capturing data or evidence is a critical part of the social audit process, because this allows a community to look at all the data that has been collected as a single body of evidence. Having all the data together will help a community to decide what the findings are, and what recommendations should be made based on the analysis of the findings – an essential step before a community talks to government.

This guide is designed to help social audit volunteers capture on a computer all the social audit data that have been collected on the paper social audit questionnaires. This guide shows how to capture answers in a way that will make it easy to use a computer program to then analyse the data to provide accurate, clear, and representative findings that can be used to engage with the government.


Guidelines for capturing social audit Data ePDF.pdf

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