Kenya: How to Read and Use the Budget Estimates

May 2016 | by Jason Lakin, Ph.D

This guide is part of IBP Kenya’s series on how to read and use key budget documents in Kenya at national and county level. This edition looks at the Budget Estimates, which are tabled in the National Assembly and the County Assemblies on the 30th of April each year. The Budget Estimates are among the most important budget documents in Kenya’s annual budget cycle; effectively, they are the final document in the budget process, setting the total spending at the level of ministries and programs.

Each guide in this series uses a specific document as an example. In this case, we use Kenya’s 2016/17 national Budget Estimates (FY 2016/17) released in April 2016. However, the key questions in this guide should also be helpful for reading any county budget.




kenya how to read and use budget estimates 2016.pdf

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