Do Kenyans Have A Shared Understanding of Fairness? Results From A National Survey

December 2016 | by Jason Lakin, Ph.D., IBP Kenya

Since 2010, Kenya has confronted a number of policy decisions related to how to share resources, including the revenue sharing formula that distributes funds among the 47 counties. While there has been some discussion of these choices, there has been little discussion of how the public in Kenya thinks about fairness. Indeed, there appears to be almost no empirical evidence about Kenyan views on principles of equity.

To begin to generate this evidence, IBP Kenya sponsored a national survey that used simple scenarios about sharing resources designed to trigger views of fairness indirectly.

This paper describes the survey scenarios used to capture attitudes of fairness and finds that, on average, Kenyans responded in ways that are consistent with widely shared principles of fairness.



  • Attitudes of Kenyans to The National & County Budget Making Process: Comprehensive Survey Report
    In August 2016, IBP Kenya worked with Infotrak Research & Consulting, a Kenyan survey research firm, to carry out a national survey of Kenyan attitudes on issues related to the national and county budget process. Part of the survey focused on sectors and sector preferences to find out which sectors are most important to Kenyans and how much they know about sector spending. To gather empirical evidence about Kenyan views on principles of equity, the survey also included a set of simple scenarios about sharing resources and questions designed to trigger views of fairness indirectly.



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