Stichting IBP Netherlands

IBP Netherlands

The International Budget Partnership is incorporated in the Netherlands as the foundation Stichting IBP Netherlands (IBP-NL).

The Dutch Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst) recognizes IBP-NL as a public benefit organization, and has determined that the foundation meets the qualifying conditions for the tax status of ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling).

Contact details

RSIN/Tax Identification Number: 8569.41.347
Physical address: 
Locatellikade 1, 1076 AZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Postal address: Locatellikade 1, 1076 AZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Telephone number: +31 20 421 2700
Email: [email protected]

Objective and Policy Plan

Stichting IBP Netherlands will collaborate with civil society around the world to use budget analysis and advocacy as a tool to improve effective governance and reduce poverty in India, South Africa, Kenya and other countries. This objective is accomplished through the following activities:

  • promoting budget analysis and advocacy as tools to improve effective governance and reduce poverty;
  • promoting an environment that supports open and accountable budgets throughout the world, inter alia by means of engaging governments, donors, international finance institutions, professional associations, civil society organizations and the private sector in developing and implementing global norms for budget transparency, engagement and accountability;
  • raising funds for the aforementioned activities; and
  • all other acts that are related to the above or that may be conducive thereto, all of this in the broadest sense of the word.

Funds acquired by the foundation:

  • The capital of the foundation is formed by donations, grants, gifts, bequests, estates, and subsidies.
  • The IBP in the USA will provide institutional support to the foundation, as needed, to ensure continuity and effective management of business operations.

Management of funds:

  • No individual or legal entity may have the capital of the foundation at his/its disposal as if it is his/its own capital, and the capital may only be used to fulfil the objective of the foundation;
  • The expenses of the foundation will not exceed its income, thus preventing any debt that may endanger its activities.
  • The objectives of the foundation are always taken into account before any decision is made to support or engage in any activities, which must also be in accordance with the charitable and educational purposes of the IBP.
  • Funds can be awarded to third party legal entities to accomplish prescribed objectives as outlined in contract awarded to the foundation.
  • All funds received by the foundation will be managed in accordance to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
  • The board of the foundation is charged with its day-to-day management and policy plan, and is responsible for the allocation of capital of the foundation and complying with financial guidelines.

Utilization of funds:

  • The capital serves the achievement of the objectives of the Stichting.
  • Typical expenses will primarily include support to civil society partners, via direct expenditures for program activities (as described above) and possible sub-grants of funds to qualifying partner organizations.
  • No funds may be used anywhere to engage in legislative lobbying, or activities related to partisan political campaigns or elections.

Board of Directors

The board of the foundation consists of at least three and at most five natural persons, the number to be determined by the International Budget Partnership, Inc. (IBP). At least one board member (bestuurder) will be a board member B, with residence in the Netherlands. The other managing directors will be board members A, who may reside outside the Netherlands. The foundation is represented by the board, or by a board member A acting jointly with a board member B. Board members are appointed by the IBP to serve for a period of at most five years.

Current Directors

  1. Ana Patricia Muñoz (bestuurder A)
  2. Marion Deudon (bestuurder A)
  3. Catherine Casey (bestuurder A)
  4. Eduard Jurgen Verbeke (bestuurder B)

Remuneration policy

The board members do not receive remuneration, neither directly nor indirectly. Remuneration does not include a reasonable compensation of costs incurred on behalf of the foundation and for the activities performed by them on behalf of the foundation, nor attendance fees that are not excessive. All compensation paid to the board members will be included and explained as such in the financial statements.

Stichting Activity and Financial Reports

Stichting IBP Netherlands was incorporated in The Netherlands on 24 November 2016. The foundation closed its first financial year on 31 December 2017.  Financial statements for each year are published annually by 30 June. Activity and financial reports of the foundation are available here.

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