Stories of Change: How grassroots communities are securing vital services

In 2018, we piloted a new approach in seven countries to equip grassroots communities with the skills to gain influence over budgets. This effort, Strengthening Public Accountability for Results and Knowledge (SPARK), focused on Ghana, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, and South Africa. In five years, we have proven that a bottom-up model works. We can tangibly improve the lives of underserved communities and these communities can lead effective, powerful coalitions capable of shifting government incentives and service delivery practices.

Below are six case studies showing the impact of our approach and the wins gained in collaboration with our partners on the ground. From access to primary healthcare and fuel subsidies to toilets and clean water, our partners used budget analysis and advocacy to engage government and secure a seat at the decision-making table, ultimately having a say in the budget decisions that affect their lives.


Asivikelane: Helping South Africa’s informal settlement residents’ voices be heard

COMEN: Communities achieve much-needed investments in Primary Health Care

FSAPH and the fight for social inclusion of people with disabilities

Women smallholder farmers in Nigeria secure investments in agriculture

KNTI: Fisherfolk advocate for fuel subsidies and COVID relief in Indonesia

NCDHR: Empowering students from India’s scheduled castes and tribes


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