Strengthening Legislative Financial Scrutiny in Developing Countries

In this paper the authors present the budget process from a legislative perspective and discuss the challenges to financial scrutiny in developing countries, as well as the benefits and risks of legislative strengthening. The global survey carried out as part of this project indicates that legislative strengthening work focusing on financial scrutiny is not widespread. The study examines the role of donors, in general, and of the Department for International Development (DFID), in particular, to enhance legislative capacity for financial scrutiny. The paper also offers recommendations and an extensive bibliography.


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Elena Mondo

Senior Technical Advisor, International Budget Parnership

Elena Mondo joined the International Budget Partnership (IBP) in August 2007 as Project Coordinator for the Open Budget Initiative, a research and advocacy project to promote public access to budget information and accountable budget-making processes and institutions. Prior to joining IBP, she worked as a consultant for the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), coordinating research on budget practices and procedures in the OECD and Latin American countries. This work led to the creation of a comprehensive database for best practices in financial management. Mondo holds a BA in international economics and management from Bocconi University, and an MPA in public and economic policy from the London School of Economics.

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