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Tracking Funds for India’s Most Deprived: The Story of the National Campaign for Dalit’s Human Rights’ “Campaign 789”

In India the Scheduled Caste Sub-Plan (SCSP) is a program designed to provide direct benefits to the Dalits, who are considered to be “outcastes” and have faced centuries of exclusion and discrimination. This case study looks at how a civil society campaign undertook sustained monitoring of SCSP funds  and advocacy throughout the policy and budget cycle to identify  misuse of these funds and pressure the government into admitting to diverting these resources and committing to repay the money.

The full version, short summary, and one page summary of this case study are available in English.  Summaries are also available in:


LP case study NCDHR.pdf

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LP Case Study NCDHR Summary_Chinese.pdf

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LP case study NCDHR one page summary.pdf

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NCDHR short case study_SPANISH final.pdf

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