Which Procurement Information Should We Publish? Recommendations for Metropolitan Municipalities in South Africa

December 2018 | International Budget Partnership South Africa

Many communities living in informal settlements in metropolitan municipalities in South Africa receive basic services such as water, sanitation and refuse removal from outsourced service providers. These services are generally temporary and range from the delivery of water using water trucks to the servicing and maintenance of chemical portable toilets.

The lack of publicly available information on the public procurement of outsources basic services means that communities generally do not know the exact nature of the service they should receive, how often the service should be delivered, who to contact when the service is not being delivered, or who to contact when they are experiencing problems.

This paper provides a detailed overview of the minimum level of procurement information metropolitan municipalities should be publishing on their supply chain management websites to support public engagement in the monitoring of the delivery of outsourced services and engagement in the tender process.




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