Children and Youths

Civil society organizations (CSOs) can use budget analysis to track government’s commitment to children and youths through the budget cycle from planning and enactment through implementation. By comparing allocations to service delivery, CSOs can assess whether funds intended to benefit children and youths were used effectively.

CSOs that have analyzed budgets for their impact on children and youths have focused on public services critical to their well-being, including education, health, food assistance and other safety net programs, policing, and justice. In addition to evaluating the quality and impact of public spending on children and youths, groups engaging in child-centered budget analysis can identify instances when the government’s policy commitments are not supported by commitments of resources in the budget and use this evidence strengthen their advocacy.

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One approach to analyzing how the government’s budget addresses the needs and priorities of young people is to produce a Children’s Budget, an effective tool for focusing attention on how programs throughout the budget affect children. Read more about how CSOs in Peru and Jamaica have engaged in budget work to develop children’s budgets and identify misuse of public funds intended for children and youths.

Advocates can both inform their analysis of how well government budgets are meeting, or could meet, the needs of young people and empower children and youths by involving them directly in the process. For example, IBP partner Institute for Social and Economic Studies (INESC), a civil society organization based in Brasilia, Brazil, organized a project to introduce human rights and public budgets into schools’ curricula. The idea of the project is to strengthen the capacity of children and teenagers to secure their rights and monitor public policies that affect them. The main goals are to ensure that children and teenagers are involved in discussions on rights and citizenship and to observe how these factors relate to the public budget.

Civil society budget analysis focused on children and youths can:

  • Raise awareness about their needs and rights
  • Inform policy and budget debates
  • Identify gaps in spending and problems in service delivery
  • Describe trends in spending and assess its impact


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