Examples of Citizens Budgets

A Citizens Budget is a simpler, less technical version of a government’s budget specifically designed to present key information to the public. Citizens Budgets can vary widely in focus, content, and length and be presented in a number of ways, ranging from a simple brochure to a comprehensive report. These excellent examples of Citizens Budgets showcase different approaches and styles.


Philippines’ COVID-19 policies >>

COVID-19 Examples

These examples illustrate the use of Citizens Budgets to communicate the government’s fiscal policy response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Philippines (2021 Budget Priorities Framework)
  • Malaysia (Economic Stimulus Package 2020)
  • Georgia (The Anti-Crisis Economic Plan)
  • Honduras (COVID-19 Emergency Transparency Portal)


South Africa’s newsletter format »

Format Examples

These examples illustrate multiple formats that can be used for Citizens Budgets:


Chile’s comprehensive report >>

Comprehensive Reports

These examples illustrate comprehensive yet accessible Citizens Budgets:


Kyrgyz Republic’s Graphical Report >>

Graphics and Data Visualization

These examples illustrate the use of graphics and data visualization in Citizens Budgets:


Examples of citizens versions of budget documents across the budget cycle

Examples Across the Budget Cycle

While the Open Budget Survey only assesses Citizens Budgets that simplify the Executive’s Budget Proposal or Enacted Budget, each key document in the budget cycle can and should be presented in a way that the public can understand.

Additional Resources

Learn more about Citizens Budgets here, or visit the Open Budget Survey Budget Document Library to browse more examples. In addition, these publications provide more detailed information about Citizens Budgets, how to create and use them, and more.



philippines 2021 budget framework.pdf

pdf, 0.15 MB

malaysia economic stimulus package 2020.pdf

pdf, 1.06 MB

south africa citizens budget 2014.pdf

pdf, 8.76 MB

dominican republic 2019 citizens budget.pdf

pdf, 3.54 MB

indonesia 2019 citizens budget.pdf

pdf, 19.75 MB

tanzania 2018 2019 citizens budget.pdf

pdf, 1.72 MB

chile 2017 citizens budget.pdf

pdf, 6.44 MB

ghana 2019 citizens budget.pdf

pdf, 1.14 MB

mexico 2019 citizens budget.pdf

pdf, 4.13 MB

burkina faso 2018 citizens budget.pdf

pdf, 5.06 MB

albania 2019 citizens budget.pdf

pdf, 2.89 MB

peru 2018 citizens budget.pdf

pdf, 7.28 MB

nigeria 2019 citizens budget.pdf

pdf, 0.55 MB

philippines 2018 citizens budget 1.pdf

pdf, 5.48 MB

philippines 2019 pre budget statement.pdf

pdf, 0.64 MB

argentina 2019 executive budget proposal.pdf

pdf, 1.20 MB

angola 2018 enacted budget.pdf

pdf, 4.53 MB

benin 2018 in year reports.pdf

pdf, 0.26 MB

georgia 2018 mid year review.pdf

pdf, 0.89 MB

sierra leone 2018 supplementary budget 1.pdf

pdf, 3.19 MB

new zealand 2018 year end report.pdf

pdf, 0.29 MB

czech republic 2017 audit report.pdf

pdf, 0.06 MB
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